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Made in Spain since 1923
1923 - Beginning of activity

Vicente Antonio Espi started the activity within the textile industry on the ground floor of his home, located at San Antonio street, Agullent. It is one of the first textile companies of the town.

1950 - Textile tradition

The company was founded in 1950 by Ramon Espi Ferri, who constituted the company as Ramon Espi Ferri, S.A., dedicated to the production of men's and women's underwear. The leading article of the moment was the petticoat, 100% peticoat, with excellent quality.

1964 - RAPIFE is born

Year of the constitution of Ramon Espi, S.A., with Rapife trademark registration, dedicated to the manufacture of women's, men's and children underwear. Different lines of T-shirt are launched.

1970 - Moving forward with the years

It is the freedom and comfort decade; new patterns and fabrics are developed, in order to meet the expectations of the moment. In the graphical of the brand, there is a significant change in design and colour.

1978 - Exponential growth

A new line of outwear is developed, basic T-shirts for men. Each year more than 2 million units are sold.

1989 - Nuevas facilities

Due to the need of space to expand the machine room, circular knitting machines are moved to a new location on the outskirts of the city, constituting the company Texpe, S.A.

1998 - Current facilities

Ramon Espi, S.A. moves to its facilities from the old location, in San Antonio street, where it's textile business was started, together with the company Texpe, S.A. at IP7 Agullent trading estate.

2000 - New sector

Rapife goes into baby's world, starting with basic bodysuits, 100% cotton of the highest quality, for the care of the youngest members of the family.

2001 - New brand

A lifestyle new brand is created, NEIT. Based on the production of seamless garments for women and girls.

2003 - New born collection is launched

The brand Rapife Baby is growing. Rapife goes into the world of baby and newborn sleepsuits, with a large collection of basics and fantasy pyjamas, designed with a wide range of colours.

2008 - Added value

The company Ramon Espi was awarded with the prize 2008 European Company. It researches and develops new fabrics with bamboo fibres, antibacterials and combed cotton for underwear.
Texpe, S.A. merge with Ramon Espi, S.A., creating the new company Ramon Espi, S.L.

2010 - Improving the comfort

Ramon Espi, S.L. has developed a new parameterization of the concept of comfort undergarments use in the elderly.
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2011 - The termochromic

The company Ramon Espi, S.L. develops termochromic garments for newborn and babies, which help to alert parents of a baby having fever.

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Our products have Made in Green certification of envoiremental respect and Öko-Tex certified textiles of trust control of harmful substances.

· A friendly atmosphere within the company is due to the human quality of the team it is composed of a motivated and flexible team, able to adapt itself to changes.
· Wide policy of on-going formation, which serves technical requirements languages, office automation, design, etc.

The satisfaction and mutual fidelity with the final customer is one of our raison d'être:
· Open lines of communication with our costumers, through a specialized Customer Support Departament, open for any question, doubt or suggestion.
· We are committed to the quality and safety of our garments. For this reason there is a strict policy of control of harmful substances for all our products.

According to our policy, we have launched several good environmental practices. The most significant are:
· Manufacturing with natural fibres such as organic cotton and bamboo.
· Made in Green certification: From 2007 Ramon Espi, S.L. has earned this certification, awarded by the Institute for Textile Technology AITEX (belonging to the Swiss Öko-Tex), which ensures that all our garments and accessories are free of harmful chemicals, which have been manufactured to an appropiate system of environmental management and respecting universal human rights of workers.
· Energy generation: we have invested in renewable energy, solar panels.
· Other measures: waste management, packaging policy, recyclable material, waste disposal, etc.

· Long term collaboration with our suppliers, maintaining an ongoing dialogue, with an analysis and joint planning of all aspects of production, and quality control done at our factories by our technicians in different areas.
· We have quality-control staff in manufacturing areas, who are dedicated to inspections, so in addition to control manufacturing quality, allowing them to see that there will not be any failure.
Our commitment to society, means that we actively participate in social projects.
In November 2010, granted to us, the recognition of social responsability, Supportive Company, four our help to integrate people with disabilities.
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The combination of raw material of the highest quality and the most modern and computerized processes, give rise to an unbeatable quality in every step of production. Locating production in Agullent (Valencia), that has a 15000 m2 area and a dedicated team of 90 people, Ramon Espi, S.L. acheives constant control of production, optimizing the productive chains and increasing the quality of the final product.

We get a significant reduction of stocks because of the versatility of the production lines and continuous improvement, and can be more responsive to any need.

Production in Rapife is complete, form the first idea to the final procuct. Almost all the production processes pass through Ramon Espi, S.L. This way we ensure the best quality from the beginning. The result is an incomparable quality nationwide

This commitment to quality is highlighted by the "Made in Green" certification granted by AITEX to companies whose articles have been made free from harmful substance, respecting the environment and respecting workers human rights.

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Rapife garments are designed for the comfort of the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.

creates a product that is characterized by its high quality, first of all to feel comfortable and free. We take care of every detail, tailoring clothes with ergonomic design, that make it a caress of cotton that cares and protects all the family.

Rapife cares an makes all its garments throughout the whole process, from the planting cotton to its making. Complying with strict standards (test substances acording to the Öko-Tex standard), for maximum softness in the fabric. That's why we have obteined two important and prestige quality seals, which AITEX granted.

AITEX certify that the items have been prepared in compliance with all certification requirements "Made in Green".

The label "made in Green" certify that the garments are produced free from harmful substances, respecting the evironment and human rights of workers.


We know how much you care for your children. It is this affection that inspires us at the time of designing our underwear. Knowing that if you discover healthy garments, soft and comfortable for your baby, with innovative use of natural fibres you also would want to dress the baby in these garments.

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In its constant work of searching for quality and excellence both in its products and in the means of production, Ramon Espi, S.L. has obtained several awards, recognitions and mentions of which we are very proud.

Without a doubt, it is a reward for the effort and desire to improve of the human team behind this company.

Obtaining these recognitions and awards only encourages our employees and managers in search of new goals.

We hope to add new recognitions in our search for quality and naturalness in our future products.

Some of them are:


Study by "Queen Mary", University of London

Queen Mary, University of London has made a long study for the perfect location indication, measuring the state of feverish children aged between 0 and 24 months.


Study by Verge dels Lliris Hospital

The Verge dels Lliris Hospital, has conducted a study from March to December 2011, of the temperature sensitive body.
The sample was 18 children aged between 2 and 23 months, making a total of 159 measurements.
The overall objective of this study is to detect early increase in body temperature in infants.
After analyzing the data and consulting with the nusring staff who conducted the study, they concluded that:
The detection of fever body can be good garment to report, in a guidance way, temperature increases higher than 37,5°C in infants and thus, to alert parents /carers to make a more accurate measurement (with thermometer) of the body temperature.


Thermocromic clothing for newborns and babies.

The initiative, led by the company Ramon Espi, S.L., in collaboration with the Institute of Textile Technology AITEX, has designed and made thermocromic garments targeted to newborn and babies, that help alert parents of child's fever.
Garments incorporate a chromatic sensor in the neck (area where the body temperature is better controled), that changes colour (purple or red) when child has fever. When the temperature is stabilized, the pigment returns to the initial state.
The composition of clothes is 100% combed cotton, which brings comfort to the baby, at the time that gives good results after use and washing.
Currently, there are products on market that incorporate thermocromic dyes, but NONE of them provides the added value of measuring body temperature so effectively.
The develop of the thermocromic body, has generated a great impact at national level, an has been broadcast in all the media press, television and radio.

· News from Agencia EFE in Youtube


Recognition of social responsability

The project Trevol of the Association of Municipalities of Vall d'Albaida, from Mr. Joaquin Vaño Girones, General Manager of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employement of the Generalitat Valenciana, in recognition of its contribution to the intregation of people with disabilities.

· See the certificate


European Company Award 2008

The company Ramon Espi has been awarded with the "European Company Award 2008" by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia and the Valencian Business Confederation (CEV).
This award is given among companies of the province, in recognition of the work done in collaboration with european technological institutes and universities, through the use of the innovation programs of the European Union to promote SMEs

· See the certificate


Health project

Garments that Ramon Espi manufactures under the brand RapifeBaby incorporate hypyallergenic cotton, containing natural antibacterial agent 'Sanitized', which is guarantee of care and prevention in the possible presence of fungi and bacteria, responsible for unpleasant odors and allergic reactions.


Certification "Made in Green by AITEX"

This certificate granted by Institute of Textile Technology AITEX guarantees that the articles from RapifeBaby are exempt of harmful substances, according with the 'Öko-Tex Standard 100' norm, and all production centres where they have been made, have implemented an environmental management system and a code of conduct and social responsability certification by independient entities.

· See the certificate Made in Green

· See the certificate Öko-Tex Standard 100


AITEX granted the certificate "Antimicrobial Bamboo Fabric"

The Institute of Textile Technology AITEX awarded Ramon Espi, S.L. with the certificate of "Activity antimicrobial fabric bamboo".
Ramon Espi bamboo line, is a proposal without precedent in the manufacturing of inner garment for infants, designed 100% with natural fibre of first quality. This ensure the effective antibacterial, eco, bio-degradable, breathable, fresh, soft touch and fabric with natural ability to protect against UV rays.